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Spawn Art Genesis is an innovative Non-Fungible Program (NFP) collection developed by Spawn Art that allows owners to unlock rare traits and hidden features through community collaboration and problem-solving.

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Mint Eggs

Trade on the open market


Incubate Eggs

Spawn Creatures

Breed Creatures


Solve Puzzles,
Unlock Traits


Unpredictable Traits

On-chain randomness ensures traits are verifiably unpredictable for all participants, a guarantee only possible on Secret Network.

Private Metadata

High-res, vector graphics with permissive creative commons licensing and community features, only accessible to owners.

Striking Aesthetic

A vast range of possible creatures can be spawned, all illustrated in a cohesive mid-century aesthetic rendered in crisp vectors.

The LorePreview of the art

At the genesis of the cosmos, the Precursors weaved a plan to shape the future.

They created the Spawn and scattered them across the stars to lay dormant and await the time when they would emerge as the fearsome defenders of sentient life.

That time has arrived.

Connected in thought, the Spawn will traverse the nexus of consciousness and perfect their form. They will seek out the clues the Precursors have hidden in the fabric of space and converge as a hive mind to feed the dreams of a new world.

The Lore
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Who is Spawn Art

@darwinzero has been involved with Secret Network since 2020. He developed Fardels, the first social marketplace on Secret Network. He has also created a number of developer tutorials for the community and contributes open source code to Secret Network libraries.

@supdoggie is the founder and lead developer behind the StarShell wallet which began as the recipient of a grant from the Secret Foundation.

Together, @darwinzero and @supdoggie collaborated to compete in the Secret Network gaming challenge at 2021's HackAtom hackathon where they won 1st place with .

For Spawn Art they join forces with @nostromo, an award-winning commercial illustrator, graphic designer, and art director.

How and when do I mint?

Spawn Art will be minting on the Secret Network later in 2022, and more details about minting will be available closer to launch. Join our discord to stay up to date. If you are new to Secret Network, check out this starter guide.

Is there a whitelist?

Yes! We will have whitelist spots or an equivalent for enthusiastic early adopters. Join our discord to make sure you don’t miss out.

Why are the NFTs on the Secret Network?

"Secret NFTs" are revolutionizing digital ownership. Every spawn includes private metadata that is only accessible to the owner, including high-res vector graphics with permissive creative commons licensing, alternative renders of the spawn, genealogical information, and community collaboration features.

What is the future of Spawn Art?

Spawn Art will be much more than a one-off mint. We are developing a whole new platform and community to push the boundaries of what is being done with NFTs using Secret contracts. Our goal is to create a project that outlives the short hype-cycles of typical NFTs by fostering ongoing community engagement.

Do I own all commercial rights to my spawn?

Yes! Each spawn has permissive creative commons licensing, allowing you to remix or print the artwork in any way you want.

What does collaborative problem-solving mean?

Some aspects of the spawn, like evolution, will be locked at launch. The community will have to collaborate in order to decode puzzles and find easter eggs hidden in multiple places to unlock the full potential of all the spawn.

With the amount of easter eggs, unlockable content, and meta-games that we have planned, Spawn Art will be so much more than just owning a jpeg.

How do spawn traits work?

We have the expected range of traits, with varying rarity, that can yield many billions of potential unique spawn. But the traits are also going to be genetically encoded. Don’t expect your usual named traits with attributes! Figuring out how genotypes and phenotypes relate will be part of the fun.